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Hi Itzik,We received the package today - the big photo album is so beautiful!! The ones for the grandparents are wonderful too!! We love the calendar too – the video is great- thank you, thank you! And thank you for the extra DVDs. You did such a wonderful job, I am so happy to recommend you to everyone!

Denise U.S.A

Itzik, Thanks so much - today i received your large parcel. The album is perfect, and the video is great. Thanks also for the extra little albums - that is so nice of you to do them as well. My family will be so happy! We are very happy with the job you did for us, and if we are in Israel again with another simcha, we will definitely call you.

Lisa Goldberg Australia

Hi Itzik, All received & all great –thanks, the photo album is beautiful!!! We love the video, we couldn’t stop watching it and get excited again and again, It was a pleasure working with you and with your professional staff of Shamayim, There are 3 Australian families who coming to celebrate bar mitzvah in Israel (we are coming for them) we will recommend you highly, Thanks for the lovely calendar

David & Orit Australia

Dear Itzik, We are back in America and Miss Israel so much but we have beautiful pictures to remember our wonderful event! The pictures were great, and the video clip is so moving. We want to thank you and your wonderful staff who accompanied us every day and everywhere in our trip in Israel, and captured every moment, we will definitely recommend on you! Thank you so much.

Michele Terzi Brooklyn U.S.A

Dear Itzik,We received the video package this weekend. Thank you so much for sending it to us so soon. We viewed it last night and i have to say that we are very happy with it and all of the photos. Thank you very much for sharing in our semica and making it remember able, You were a professional in every way.  

Betty and Sol Rishty New York

Itzik, the photos are FANTASTIC! Thanks –We're really enjoying them. It was so nice working with you, big thanks for your photographer who was always in the right place to catch the most beautiful and moving moments of our simcha, I am giving your number and email to a friend of mine who is doing her son's bar mitzvah in August. I told her what a great job you did

Vicki and Harry Brooklyn

Hi Itzik   I would just like to express my utmost gratitude for the beautiful, amazing, detailed pictures of Isaac's Bar Mitzvah!!!

I knew from the start we made the right decision. You answered all our questions so quickly with so much patience and understanding

Itzik, you are such a pleasure to work with. You are very responsible, kind and SO talented. We are forever grateful. We are looking forward to the next Simcha in Israel and with no questions asked, we are making sure to book you!!!
Raquel New York

Dear Itzick One of the biggest challenges for a photographer is to document theatre , you have succeeded to capture the wide stage image of the live performance as well as the fine nuances in the expressions of the actors in the most profound way , Thank you very much for your professional work, for being attentive and sensitive to the artistic work and for translating through the camera lens the drama on stage

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